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Pamela Sue

I came to Jesse by coincidence when my neighbors had an open house. I talked to Jesse and expressed how I was thinking about selling my house in 6 months (more or less) to buy a new construction house in Las Vegas. He was welcoming in helping me out, and even walked through my home the very next day after meeting him. He was prompt in sending me an analysis of my home within that week. Off the bat, I liked his energy, professionalism, knowledge, experience and patience. I ended up contacting Jesse sooner than 6 months. In fact, it was about 2 months after we first met. With the process of buying a new construction home, things moved fast. Jesse was always 100% ready and willing to assist with anything I needed from the sale of my house to even giving his opinion and advice on purchasing my new construction. Jesse was the realtor for both me and the seller, which was great, and saved me some money on the closing costs. We ended up selling the house in April and we even negotiated for me to live in my current home for 4 months until I was ready to move. Not only that, he always was an advocate for me during the negotiating process. You usually hear that buying and selling a home simultaneously is a nightmare, however, not with Jesse! He was professional, knowledgeable, extremely patient, willing to explain things, an advocate and generally a nice guy. If you need a 5-star realtor, look no further because Jesse is the man for you!