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Jesse Garcia

It’s Always a Good Time to Invest in a Home

By H. K. Wilson

A real estate professional with more than 20 years’ experience, Jesse Garcia is a Realtor® and
associate broker at Realty Masters & Associates. He recently opened a new office in Montebello, bringing with him a team of buyers’ agents, a dedicated transaction coordinator and a savvy plan for future growth. “This is wonderful, growing company. I love our broker — if you call, he’s there. I’m excited about growing a team at RMA. I think there are a lot of families out there who need our help.”

Jesse entered real estate while he was attending college at Cal Poly, Pomona University. As a
new agent in a volatile REO market, he earned the title “Rookie of the Year.” In his second year, he achieved the number one slot in an office of 60 agents. “I sat in open houses for months, and I became known as the ‘Open House King.’ Since I had plentiful buyers, listing agents would come to me to match them with all the people I’d met at open houses. Along the way, I learned that buyers turn into sellers, and that’s where a lot of repeat business comes back around. My philosophy is that real estate is a full-time job, and it means putting in 55-65 hour weeks if you want to be a top producer. The hours are strange, but wonderful. I knew right away I’d found my niche. I love what I do.”

Jesse is known for being responsive to his client’s day and night. He is always eager to help, as
he recognizes that the process of buying or selling a home is daunting to many. Born to
immigrant parents in L.A., Jesse says he remembers how they struggled to purchase their first
home, and he brings a spirit of compassion to the families he works with today. “I realize that for some people, they have been saving their whole lives for a down payment. They can afford a monthly payment, but they can’t do more. I remember when we were like that. It’s nice when
people say, ‘Jesse, you’re the one I trust to guide me through the process of buying a home.’”

According to Jesse, it is always a good time to invest in a home. He advises families not to try to wait out the market. “Real estate is forever — that’s a guarantee. Right now, with COVID, there a lot of families in apartments who want to be safe and buy a home to get away from living near other people. Interest rates have never been better, even if prices are high. I tell everyone, if they are able, they should buy. If you’re ready buy now or whenever you have the credit and money available. When you’re buying your primary residence the market really isn’t a consideration. It’s different if you’re an investor and looking to strategically buy and sell at the right time. I’ve helped many customers buy real estate and have become very wealthy after they were on the fence trying to decide whether to buy house or not many years ago. Now they are thankful we had that conversation about buying and not waiting. The homes they purchased for $250,000 are now worth close to $ 1 million, and they’ve turned around and purchased income property as their investment that has become their retirement plan.”

A past client said: “I have worked with Jesse on the purchase and sale of a few homes. His
character and integrity are sky high, and he has always looked out for my best interests when I have looked to him for guidance. Definitely a must when you are making life changing investments and why I look to him. He specializes in East Los Angeles and Montebello, real
estate is what he does. Jesse has helped a few family members sell their homes in Boy Heights,
El Sereno and Commerce.”

In his free time, Jesse enjoys hanging out with his son and daughter. One of his contributions to the community is supporting AYSO 1065 in Montebello, where he sponsors an all-girls soccer team. He is also a consummate fisherman. “I love deep sea fishing, and I try to go twice a year down to La Paz. Locally, I fish lakes and rivers, and it’s nice to go out with friends and enjoy the scenery. But it’s a different rush when you hear that reel spin with a 100-pound tuna on the line, and you know you have one shot to bring it in.”

Jesse says that he knows people have many choices when they select a Realtor®, and he
considers it a privilege to be the one they choose. “I love meeting new people, and I’m here to
help. It’s pretty awesome to be part of a family’s journey when selling and or buying the first

Article from Executive Agent Magazine. Article on Jesse Garcia The Realtor – Top Producer