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Steps to Selling a House: A First Time Home Sellers Guide

Selling a home. It can be a big commitment for a lot of people. If this is your first time selling a home, you may feel overwhelmed by the process. 

However, this is something that millions of Americans do. In 2021, there were over 6 million home sales per month. 

So, what are the steps to selling a house? What do you need to know before you start the process?

These are the steps to sell a house. 

Hire a Real Estate Agent 

The first thing that you are going to want to do is hire a real estate agent. Preferably, get one who does business in your local area. 

A real estate agent should have a good idea of how much your house is worth on the open market. Plus, they will know how to increase the value of your home and how to get eyes on your home. 

Increase Appeal 

Another thing you can do before you open up your home to the public is to increase the appeal of your home. For curb appeal, do not be afraid to have a fresh paint job on your house or mow your lawn more often to make it look better to buyers. 

On the inside, clear up the clutter in your home and space out your furniture. This can make your interior space look bigger and allow potential buyers to imagine what they can do with that space. 

Plus, if you have minor repairs that can easily be fixed such as a small hole in the wall, you should get those fixed. 

Get Professional Photos Taken 

The next thing that you will want to focus on is having a professional photographer take pictures of your home. This can be crucial to how many people are interested in your home and what your offers might be. 

Studies show that homes that had high-quality photos taken sold for up to $11,000 more than those that did not. It also revealed that those homes sold 32% faster than others. 

You have to get people to want to see your home with their own eyes. To do that, they have to like what they see online first. 

Entertain Offers 

Finally, you need to decide what an acceptable offer is for your home. To do this, you need to know in advance how much money you want for your home. Then, you can adjust this number depending on what offers are coming to you. 

Another thing that you need to consider is if you will entertain a lower offer for more convenience. Here, you might get less money but can sell the house as-is and not have to lift a finger before taking it off of your hands. 

Follow These Steps to Selling a House 

These are four of the most important steps to selling a house. If you follow this advice, you should have a desirable offer on your home in no time. 

To take the first step, you need a real estate agent. Message us today to find out how we can help you sell your home.