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Omar Acosta

My GF and I purchased our first home last year. I spent a whole year reading and understanding the process of buying a home–it was my biggest my biggest financial undertaking and wanted to be prepared. The importance of having a knowledgeable and experienced agent was heavily stressed in all of my research. A lot of big named real estate agencies assign new agents to first time home buyers because commission is usually not much–First time home buyers usually purchase homes between 200k-400k. Jesse helped my in-laws purchase a home in 2011 and was highly recommended. After reading his great reviews my GF and I decided to work with him. From the start Jesse was very helpful. Even with my understanding of the home buying process, Jesse explained the complexities into digestible snippets. His wealth of knowledge helps make rational decisions and negotiations on various scenarios. Jesse’s amiable and dedicated personality makes for a great professional relationship. If you’re looking for strong representation on the biggest financial commitment of your life, Jesse is your guy! Thank you for everything, Jesse.