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My parents passed away and left my brothers and sisters and me the house we all grew up in. I live almost two thousand miles away. I needed someone I could trust and depend on to handle the sale and all the specifics involved. Especially the logistics of me being so far away. With the sale of the house behind us, Jesse got to work on helping me find a Condominium for my oldest brother. I handle all of my brothers financial affairs. Again considering the distance, trust was incredibly important. Jesse went above and well beyond the call of duty. Shuttling my brother around from house to house and helping him decide on a place with honest and forthright opinion and advise. Then picking him up and driving him to appointments for signatures and documentation required when purchasing a house. Upon closing on his new condo, my brother needed additional help when the seller did not move out in a timely manner. Jesse helped and continues to help with the legal ramifications involved with seeking justice under these circumstances. When my brother finally received the keys to his new place Jesse was with us, and again, helped with recommendations on contractors who helped personalize and beautify his house to make it his home. Throughout this entire process, and given the special circumstances, Jesse was awesome. I consider him my friend and give him the highest recommendation possible.